It's Time to eat chili!


We produce a variety of chilis called Birds Eye Long Finger. 

Including: Bolivian Rainbow, Carolina Reaper, Dedo de Moca, Espelette, Thai Bird, Lemon Drop Chili.


Our Chili Paste is made of the most selected organic chilis under an harmonized  an artisan process by our local farmers in Uganda giving it an unique Taste.



After  the organic process of cultivating the best quality chilis, we look through the final harvest and select the most strong in color and texture chilis to dry. 


13 Surprising Health Benefits of Chili Pepper, based on the research done by Conserve Energy Future.

You absolutely need to know!

Health benefits of Chili pepper includes:

  1. Improves digestive health & metabolism.
  2. Alleviates migraines.
  3. May reduce risks of cancer.
  4. Fights fungal infections, colds and the flu.
  5. Provides joint pain relief.
  6. Fights inflammation. 
  7. Support cardiovascular health.
  8. Decrease risks of type 2 diabetes.
  9. May improve cognitive functions.
  10. May improve longevity.
  11. Promote red blood cell growth.
  12. Improve ocular health.
  13. Helps to keep you hair and skin healthy and more.

1. improves digestive health and metabolism.

One of the biggest advantages of capsaicin is its contribution to good health and weight loss.  Contrary to popular belief, chili peppers can actually be an anti-irritant to your stomach and great way to treat  stomach ulcers.

Chili peppers, especially in powder, are reach in antioxidants and other compounds that together stimulate gastric juices and work against the acidity in your digestive tract.

Thirdly, chili peppers can accelerate your metabolism and improve the rate at which you burn fat. Together with a healthy lifestyle practices eating chili can improve weight loss. 


2. alleviates migraines

Capsaicin from chili peppers has also shown potential in treating headaches and migraines. According to a study by the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

3. may reduce risks of cancer.

Chili peppers also present a potential natural remedy for fighting cancer. According to the American Association for Cancer Research, the capsaicin and antioxidants found in chili peppers can kill cancer cells in leukemia and prostate cancer. 

This is largely due to the high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of chili peppers.

4. fights fungal infections, colds, and the flu.

The characteristic red color of chili peppers is an indication that it is rich in beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A. 

Vitamin A is key in maintaining a healthy respiratory, intestinal, and urinary system. Vitamins A & C in the chili peppers are vital in building up your immunity against infections and illnesses.

Chili peppers help to relieve the pain but can also stimulate the immune system to fight off the virus. They can also be used for their anti-fungal properties. 

5. Provides joint paint relief.

In addition to being a natural source of pain relief for headaches and migraines, chili peppers can be used to reduce joint pain. Essentially, you can apply the chili pepper to the skin to reduce the presence of chemical P, which is the compound responsible for transmitting pain messages to the brain.

Capsaicin binds with pain receptors and induces a burning sensation that may desensitize your pain receptors over time. In this way, capsaicin acts as a pain reliever. Typically, it can be used to treat shingles, joint pain, and HIV neuropathy.



Another one of capsaicin’s valuable characteristics is that it inhibits substance P, which is a neuropeptide that is responsible for inflammatory processes. As such, capsaicin is thought to be a potential treatment for a number of sensory nerve disorders, such as arthritis pain, diabetic neuropathy, and psoriasis.

An animal study found that animals who were treated with a substance that caused inflammatory arthritis responded well to a diet high in capsaicin. Thanks to the diet, the animals experienced a delayed development of arthritis and a significant decrease in inflammation throughout their bodies.

7. Supports Cardiovascular Health

Chili peppers can also be a great, natural way to support your cardiovascular system and prevent heart disease. Chili peppers are high in potassium, which is a mineral with a number of functions in the human body.

Potassium combined with folate can reduce your chances of developing heart disease. Moreover, potassium can help relax your blood vessels, which makes blood flow much easier on your body.

Chili peppers also contain riboflavin and niacin. The latter is responsible for maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and in turn, lower the risk for heart disease. Chili peppers can also protect fats in your blood against free radicals..


8. Decrease Risks of Type 2 Diabetes

In addition to maintaining your heart health, chili peppers can reduce the risk of developing high blood levels of insulin, which is a common symptom of Type 2 Diabetes.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a number of Australian scientists discovered that a meal containing chili pepper can result in the right amount of insulin to reduce blood sugar levels.

This is a particularly useful fact for individuals with high BMIs or those who suffer from obesity. Lastly, remember that chili peppers are high in antioxidants, cartenoids, and vitamin C. These contribute greatly to insulin regulation as well.



9. May Improve Cognitive Functions

One of the key ways of maintaining a strong cognitive performance is a proper amount of oxygen and iron. Fortunately, chili peppers are rich in iron. This leads to an increase in the blood flow and hemoglobin production in your brain.

In turn, chili peppers can help improve your cognitive performance. Additionally, they can also decrease your chances of developing cognitive disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

10. May Improve Longevity

A study conducted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences discovered that people who consume spicy food have a better chance of having a longer life. In other words, common spices have the potential to increase a person’s chance to live a longer, healthy life.

Over the course of seven years, the researchers found that individuals who ate spicy foods three to seven times a week has a smaller chance of experiencing cancer, heart disease, and respiratory illnesses.

This can be credited to capsaicin’s ability to reduce inflammation, clear the respiratory tract, and overall reduce the development of lifelong diseases.


11. Promotes Red Blood Cell Growth

In addition to maintaining heart health, chili peppers can also help with new blood cell formation. This is due to the fact that chili peppers are rich in copper and iron. As such, they are able to treat symptoms of anemia and fatigue.

Additionally, chili peppers also contain folic acid, which is key to fighting anemia and producing healthy red blood cells. This is particularly valuable for pregnant women because a deficiency in folic acid could mean birth defects in newborn babies.

12. Improve Ocular Health

Like we mentioned before, the vitamin A in chili peppers is important to building a strong immune system. However, it is also important in keeping your eyesight healthy and strong.

13. Keeps Your Hair and Skin Healthy

The vitamin C in chili peppers does not just strengthen your immune system. It also creates and maintains collagen, which is a key protein found in healthy hair and skin. Specifically, cayenne pepper is a great natural ingredient that can add some spice to a beauty routine.

Cayenne pepper can be mixed into a face mask to deal with skin inflammation. It can also treat wrinkles, acne scars, and dark spots. Cayenne pepper is able to do this because it essentially stimulates blood flow which leads to flawless skin. Mixed with olive oil, cayenne pepper can also make a great hair mask to bring some luster and shine to your hair


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